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JAAS Vol. 10 No. 1, 1996 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents -- English Section


Does Ehpesus Unit of Divide?
Mar Bawai Soro

The Church of the East and Theodore of Mopsuestia
Chorbishop M.J. Birnie

The Evolution of Assyrian Traditional Culinary Practices
Michael Abdalla

Compound, Complex and Conditional Sentences in Assyrian Aramaic
Zomayaa S. Solomon

The Universality of the Church of the East: How Persian was Persian Christianity?
Christopher Buck

Book review – The Kurds of Iraq: Tragedy and Hope
Francis Sarguis

Book Review–A Forgotten Holocaust: The Extermination of the Christian Assyrians
Gabriele Yonan

‘A Forgotten Holocaust’

Table of Contents -- Assyrian Section


Rahta d’Mghalta
The Course of the Journal
Robert Paulissiaan MD.

Amma, Eta, Omta
People, Church and Nation
Odisho Malko Gewargis

Taimon d’darshakh äl Shirshan Tohmanaya
Let Us Discuss Our Race Roots
Yoab Benyamin

Ba’awatee w’takhshpate Alkhasaye
Alkhas Petitions and Supplications
Daniel D. Benjamin 

Gaw Khiska d’layle (Story)
In The Darkness of the Night
Youel A.. Baaba

Hoomasa d’Katine w’swotan omtanayta
The Epic of Qateeni of Our National Aim
Younan Hoozaya

Mara’a d’Yarqana
Hepatitis “B”
Benyamin M. Benyamin


Athwatha khweete
Susan Yosip

Odisho Malko Giwargis

Qyamta Khatta
A New Resurrection
Shaakir Majeed Saifo

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