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Volume I, 1986

Otto Jastrow

The Turoyo Language Today

Bruno Poizat

Sureth-Speaking Villages in Eastern Turkey

Arian Ishaya

The Assyrian Colony in the Canadian Prairies

Fabrizio Pennacchietti

Zmiryata-D Rawe


Volume II, 1988

Arthur VŲŲbus

The Contribution of Ancient Syrian Christianity to West European Culture


Volume III, Sept. 1989

Edward Y. Odisho

The Vowel System in Modern Assyrian


Volume IV, No.1, April 1990

Peter Jasim

The Problem With the Assyrian Numbering System and a Proposed Solution


Volume IV, No.2, November, 1990

Edward Y. Odisho

Impact of Creative Writing on Assyrian Spelling and Grammar

Arian Ishaya

Ethnicity, Class and Politics: Assyrians in the History of Azerbayjan 1800-1910


Volume V , No.1, April 1991

Robert Paulissian

Medicine in Ancient Assyria and Babylonia

Edward Y. Odisho

A Three-Dimensional Approach to the Teaching of the Alphabet


Volume V, No.2, November, 1991

Sargon Hasso

On the Design of an Assyrian Word Processing System

Joseph Yacoub

The Christians in Iraq: A Historical Perspective

Edward Y. Odisho

Assyrian Literature in Transcaucasia

Volume VI, No.1, April 1992

Michael Abdalla

Bulgur: A Key to Contemporary Assyrian Cuisine

V.S. Tuman

Astronomical Dating of Mul-Apin Tablets


Volume VI, No.2, November, 1992

Arian Ishaya

Assyrian Immigrant Women

Michael Abdalla

Milk and its Role in Assyrian Culture

R.Y. Ebied

The Syriac Influence on Arabic

Edward Y. Odisho

A Comparative Analysis of Aramaic and Arabic

Stephen Sado

Nestorians of Urmi in the 1860ís


Volume VII, No.1, April 1993

Ninos Isaac

The Vilification of a Great Civilization: Assyria in the Face of History

Lucrece DeMatran

Median Empire?

Arian Ishaya

B. Nikitine and the Assyrians: A Brief Introduction

Michael Abdalla

The Use of Herbs in Ancient Mesopotamia


Volume VII, No.2, November, 1993

Yoab Benjamin

Assyrian Journalism: A 140-Year Experience

Zomaya S. Solomon

The New Assyrian Bible: A First AperÁu

J.F. Coakley

A List of Assyrian Villages in Persia, August 1893

B. Nikitine

Family Life Among the Assyro-Chaldeans of the Plain of Urmia (reprint; tr. Arian Ishaya)

Arian Ishaya

Change and Continuity in Assyrian Marriage Customs: An Epilogue

Michael Abdalla

The Fasting Tradition and its Practice Among Western Assyrians

Robert Paulissian

Dental Care in Ancient Assyria and Babylonia


Volume VIII, No.1, April 1994

Robert W. DeKelaita

On the Road to Nineveh: A Brief History of Assyrian Nationalism

William Warda

The Heritage of the Contemporary Assyrians: Setting the Record Straight Ė Part 1

Yoab Benjamin

Abdisho and Al-Hariri: A Comparative Study

Zomaya S. Solomon

A Basic Sentence Structure in Assyrian Aramaic

Volume VIII, No.2, November, 1994

Konstantin Tsereteli

Assyrians in the Correspondence of Irakli II, King of Georgia

Zomaya S. Solomon

The Auxiliary Verb in Assyrian Aramaic

Joseph Alichoran

Assyro-Chaldeans in the 20th Century: From Genocide to Diaspora

William Warda

The Heritage of the Contemporary Assyrians: Setting the Record Straight Ė Part 2

J.F. Coakley

A Postscript on "The Church of the East and theChurch of England"


Volume IX, No.1, April 1995

Abdulmesih BarAbrahem

ĎAssyrian Journalismí Revisited

Mar Bawai Soro & Michael J. Birnie

Is Theology of the Church of the East Nestorian?

Mar Bawai Soro & Michael J. Birnie

The Vienna Christological Formula in an Assyrian Perspective

Edward Y. Odisho

Bilingualism and Multilingualism Among Assyrians: A Case of Language Erosion and Demise (Reprint)

Ninos Isaac

Contrasts in Political Persona: Five Neo-Assyrian Kings(900 BC-650 BC)

Zomaya S. Solomon

Verb Conjugations in Assyrian Aramaic


Volume IX, No.2, November, 1995

Mirella Galletti

Italian Policy Toward Assyrians and Kurds (1920-1943)

Erica C.D. Hunter

Amulets and the Assyrians of Kurdistan

J.F. Coakley

The First Modern Assyrian Printed Book

Zomaya S. Solomon

Verb Tenses in Assyrian Aramaic

Yoab Benjamin

Assyrian Rituals of Life-Cycle Events

Christopher Buck

Sapiental Theosis: A New Approach to Ephrem the Syrianís Hymns on Paradise


Volume X, No.1, April 1996

Mar Bawai Soro

Does Ephesus Unite or Divide?

M.J. Birnie

The Church of the East and Theodore of Mopsuestia

Michael Abdalla

The Evolution of Assyrian Traditional Culinary Practices

Zomaya S. Solomon

Compound, Complex, and Conditional Sentences in Assyrian Aramaic

Christopher Buck

The Universality of the Church of the East: How Persian Was Persian Christianity?


Volume X, No.2, November, 1996

Heleen Murre-van den Berg

The Missionariesí Assistants

Yoab Benjamin

Assyrians in Middle America

Zomaya S. Solomon

Voices, Moods and Verb Particles Ė Part I

Michael J. Birnie

The East Syrian Liturgy As an Expression of Christology


Volume XI, No.1, April 1997

Zomaya S. Solomon

Voices, Moods and Verb Particles Ė Part II

Maria A.L.Comneno

Nestorianism in Central Asia During the First Millenium

Abdul Massih Saadi

The Letter of John Sedreh: A New Perspective on Nascent Islam


Volume XI, No.2, November, 1997

Dorothea Weltecke

The World Chronicle By Patriarch Michael theGreat (1126-1199): Some Reflections

Richard N. Frye

Assyria and Syria: Synonyms (Reprint); and Postscript

John Joseph

Assyria and Syria: Synonyms?

Zomaya S. Solomon

Functional and Other Exotic Sentences in Assyrian Aramaic

William F. Macomber

A History of the Chaldean Mass (Reprint)


Volume XII, No.1, April 1998

Michael P. Zirinsky

American Presbyterian Missionaries At Urmia During the Great War

Arian Ishaya

A Commentary on Professor Zirinskyís Article

Alberto M.



Dawn At Tell Tamir: The Assyrian Survival on the Khabur

Abdul Massih Saadi

Christological Contention and Tolerance in the Syriac Church Traditions

William F. Macomber

The Sources For A Study of the Chaldean Mass (Reprint)

John Joseph

The Bible and the Assyrians: A Living Memory

Helen Younansardaroud

Synharmonism in the Sš rdš :RÔd Dialect


Volume XII, No.2, November, 1998

Yildiz, Efrem

The Literary Activity and Biblical Exegesis of Mar Theodorous the "Interpreter"




Patriarch Michael the Great: Beyond his World Chronicle

Zomaya S. Solomon

Pronouns and Pronominal Elements in Assyrian Aramaic

Michael and


Neathery Fuller

Archaeological Discoveries at Tell Tuneinir, Syria


Volume XIII, No.1, April 1999

Edward Y. Odisho

Assyrian Language Maintenance and Erosion in U.S.: A World War I Immigrant Family Case Study

Efrem Yildiz

The Assyrians: A Historical and Current Reality

Zomaya S. Solomon

Inflection of Strong Verbs in Assyrian Aramaic




The Influence of Modern Persian on the Sš rdš :rÔd Dialect

Richard N. Fry

Reply to John Joseph


Volume XIII, No.2, November, 1999

Robert Paulissian

Adoption in Ancient Assyria and Babylonia

Zomaya S. Solomon

Inflection of Guttural Verbs in Assyrian Aramaic

Stephen A. Missick

The Assyrian Church in the Mongolian Empire


Volume XIV, No.1, April 2000

Francis Sarguis

Yoab Benjamin: A Personal Remembrance

William Warda and Edward Y. Odisho

Qateeni Gabbara: A William Danielís Legacy

Efrem Yildiz

The Aramaic Language and Its Classification

Zomaya S. Solomon

Inflection of Weak Verbs in Assyrian Aramaic, Part I, The I Conjugation

Gerge Yana (Bebla)

Myth vs. Reality



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